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Ahead of the Curve: Insider Strategies to 2023’s Recruitment Game

By Pam Martin, Lever1 Director of Recruiting Services

Recruiting and hiring the right talent is a critical challenge that companies face in 2023, given the shifting job market dynamics and the increasing demand for skilled workers. To address these challenges and build a strong workforce, organizations must adopt effective recruitment strategies that align with current trends and job seekers’ preferences. By implementing innovative tactics, leveraging technology, and focusing on candidate experience, businesses can attract top talent and foster a diverse and skilled team.

  1. Define Your Corporate Brand and Tailor Job Ads Accordingly: Start by developing a compelling corporate brand that reflects your company’s vision, mission, and culture. Craft job ads that showcase your organization’s unique personality and values. This approach helps attract candidates who resonate with your company and its goals. (Forbes, 2023)
  2. Treat Candidates as Customers and Make Interviews Engaging: Demonstrate professionalism and respect candidates’ time throughout the recruitment process. Make the interview experience engaging and hospitable. Encourage candidates to ask questions and provide access to existing employees, allowing potential hires to connect with the company’s culture and work environment.
  3. Utilize Social Media and Recruiting Videos: Leverage social media platforms not only to engage with customers but also to advertise job openings and interact with potential candidates. Showcase your company’s impact beyond business activities, including its involvement in supporting nonprofits and charities. Additionally, create recruiting videos that effectively convey your company’s culture, mission, and work environment to attract top talent. (Forbes, 2023)
  4. Leverage Employee Referral Programs and Tap into Alumni Networks: Empower your current employees to become brand ambassadors and encourage them to refer qualified candidates. Offer incentives to motivate participation in the employee referral program. Additionally, stay connected with former employees to tap into alumni networks, as these individuals may be interested in returning to the company in the future. (SHRM, 2023)
  5. Utilize Technology: Adopt applicant tracking systems to streamline the recruitment process, automate job postings, and identify qualified candidates efficiently. Embrace emerging recruiting methods and technologies, such as QR codes, text-based outreach, and generative AI for job descriptions, to enhance candidate engagement and reach a broader audience. (SHRM, 2023)
  6. Target Niche Job Boards and Untapped Talent Pools: Consider using niche job boards and professional organizations’ websites to target specific talent pools that align with your industry and job requirements. Explore untapped talent pools, including veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, and even incarcerated individuals, who may possess unique skills and perspectives.
  7. Adapt to the Preferences of Generation Z: Tailor your recruitment strategies to resonate with Generation Z job seekers, who have distinct values and preferences compared to previous generations. Engage with this demographic through social media platforms and employer branding efforts that reflect their interests. (Forbes, 2023)
  8. Offer Authentic Compensation and Benefits: Be transparent and authentic when offering compensation and benefits packages. Ensure your offerings align with market standards and reflect your appreciation for employees’ contributions.
  9. Support Hiring Managers and Reconsider Criteria: Provide resources and training for hiring managers to enhance the recruitment process and improve candidate experience. Encourage them to focus on skills and abilities rather than rigid qualifications like specific degrees or years of experience, to attract a more diverse pool of candidates.
  10. Stay Updated on Hiring Trends: Monitor and adapt to the ever-evolving hiring trends and job market dynamics. Stay informed about new technologies and recruitment practices that can give your organization a competitive edge. (Built In, 2023)

Effective recruitment requires a comprehensive approach that integrates employer branding, social media, employee referrals, technology, and adaptability to the preferences of different candidate demographics. By implementing these strategies and keeping abreast of the latest hiring trends, businesses can optimize their recruitment efforts and attract the right talent to build a strong and successful workforce.


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