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2022- Is Everything About to Change?

By Danielle Bearden | Director of Human Resources

We’ve all heard the phrase “Change is the only constant.” Going into 2022, I couldn’t agree more.

We’ve been through two years of the pandemic, and it feels like an eternity. And all the issues we face, whether they be talent mobility or capability academies or skills models or recruiting or leadership development, are not new. They’ve been around forever.

But something big did change: the role of HR has been elevated.

Most of you have been deeply involved in remote work, hybrid work, back to work, safe work, and critical policies at the senior executive level over the last two years. But behind the scenes, your operations and structure of HR have not changed fast enough.

2022 is the year to take a serious look at the HR function, the skills and capabilities of your HR team, and the level of development you’re doing for each of the members of the HR organization. And this includes the business partners, the specialists, the call center agents, the consultants, the designers, the tech people, and the staff.

It’s time to think about the HR function as a professional services organization:  one with consultants, product managers, service delivery, and technology all in one.  For us, that is Lever1.

Have a fantastic holiday. And we look forward to working with you in 2022


Danielle Bearden is a dynamic HR professional, currently serving as the Director of Human Resources at Lever1, planning, developing, and directing the administration of all HR functions within the Lever1 Human Resources Department. She has over 15 years of experience in all areas of Human Resources including strategic planning, total rewards, performance management, employee wellness and safety, HR compliance and labor relations.